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At the end of the 19th century the Wright brothers were doubtfully watched as they strived to ascend over the clouds with material heavier than air, with a so called iron eagle. Their expertise, inexhaustible work and persistence bore their fruit, and it proved to be true that nothing is impossible. The Dr. Koczkás János Law Firm started its operation in Budapest in 2006, Dr. János Koczkás, the founder of the Law Firm is a Hungarian lawyer having more than 10 years of professional experience. Since its foundation the Firm has put great emphasis on achieving the distinctive feature of outstanding quality and legal innovation on the market of legal services. Needless to say, the Law Firm does not build airplanes, but strives to provide the highest level of service for its clients under any circumstances. A business enterprise – legal services are no exceptions either – does not achieve successes on its own, but is also needs to bring benefit and new opportunities to its clients. Our Firm provides comprehensive legal counseling for the participants in business life. To be more precise our main areas of specialization are the national and international business, corporate and commercial laws. We possess significant experience in the following fields: securities transactions, mergers and acquisitions and reorganizations, corporate financing, banking transactions, competition law cases, tax law, labor law, commercial transactions and furthermore litigations in ordinary and arbitration courts. All colleagues of the Firm have outstanding professional experience in legal counseling and litigation. Our mission is to approach the legal questions in a practical, customer-oriented way and to solve them efficiently on a high professional level. Our main clients are Hungarian and foreign small, medium and large enterprises, who are present in almost all industrial, commercial and service sectors. Our Firm takes pride in having provided legal services for numerous clients in the form of long-term engagements for years.

In the case of long-term engagements a colleague of the Firm ensures the constant and efficient communication with the client. In case specialized expertise is needed to deal with a legal question, our colleagues specialized in the given field are at our clients’ disposal, in order to deal with complex legal problems in a more efficient way we organize teams consisting of several attorneys.

The Law Firm is at its clients' disposal with modern office and IT infrastructure and it also has on-line access to all public registers managed by state offices and courts.

All attorneys and paralegals of the Firm possess high English level knowledge.

The Dr. Koczkás János Law Firm is registered under No. 2214 at the Budapest Bar Association. The laws and regulations applicable to attorneys at law along with the information guide about the rights of clients are available at www.magyarugyvedikamara.hu.